QR Codes for Payment Form Link


Autobooks has decided to come up with a QR Code for each Autobooks account's payment form link. 

This will prove to make the transactions you are doing with your customers much faster!

Now when a customer asks for your payment form link you can simply bring up your payment form's QR Code and your customer will be able to scan the code with their mobile device and make a payment. This is in lieu of your entering in their payment information to receive the payment. 

Here are the major details:

When you log into your Autobooks Account, There is a new section on the Payment Form feature titled “Download your QR code”.



When you select the ‘Download QR code’ button, a .PNG file of the QR code will download to your computer.

If you are on your mobile device
Mobile users will see a new button near the top of the application ‘Display QR code’. A QR code will display in a modal when the SMB clicks the button.



With the QR code saved to your desktop or mobile device, you can now send the QR code directly from your phone or computer.


When you are finished with the QR code, click the ‘X’ in the upper left corner to close the modal.

If in the presence of the customer, they can scan the QR code and be able to make a payment right there on the spot!

Here's a quick Recap:

  • Helps you accept payments more easily “in the moment” with your customer (instead of manually typing customer info into the payment form and/or handling their customer’s credit card).
  • QR code will be updated if your payment form URL is ever changed or updated. 

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please email us at support@autobooks.co.



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