Help! What is a 14-day rolling ACH Limit?



If your Autobooks account has ACH/eCheck processing, then most likely, you have a 14-day rolling ACH limit. 

The 14-day rolling limit is a processing limit that applies to ANY 14-day period.  Below are some pertinent details you may find helpful.

Your 14-day rolling should be provided to you at the time that your account is approved for processing by Autobooks. Our Merchant Services department would have sent this and other processing limits via email. 


The information in your email may have looked something similar to this:

Here's what you should keep in mind:

The 14-day rolling limit only applies to your ACH/eCheck processing.

To know where you are currently processing-wise, you should look at two places within your Autobooks Account ( If applicable).


  • If you use Invoicing and Payment form payment methods, you will need to check both of these payment options' payments section. (Please see below)





  • If you only use one payment method then, there is only a need to check the payment option that you use (Either Invoicing OR Payment Form). 

    • When you go to the Payments section you can total the amount of ACH/eCheck payments within the last 14 days or you can use the export feature to export all of the payments. 

If you choose the latter option, you will need to sort the data to show the eCheck payments within the last 14 days.  Be sure to total them to see if you are nearing your 14-day rolling ACH limit. 

This knowledge will prevent your customer from calling you and advising that the payment they attempted was not successful.


If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact us at!





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