Create a check


Checks can be created and printed from the Pay Bills or Vendors tab, depending on the financial institution.


Note: to print a check, you will require a suitable printer and printer-sized check stock.




  • Vendor: if you have added the vendor from the Vendors tab, select them from the dropdown here. If you need to add a new vendor, select the [+Add Vendor] option from the top of the list.
  • Check date: select the date to be printed on the check.
  • Check number: enter the desired check number.
  • Category: choose the accounting category from the list to categorize this transaction against.
  • Amount: enter the amount for the check payment.
  • Message: enter a message to attach to the check payment if desired.

The Preview check button will display a preview of the printed check including the information entered. 

When finished, select the [Create check] button to save and print from the list.



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