ACH Returns and Customer Disputes (Chargebacks)



Sometimes, after goods or services are rendered, a merchant will discover their customer's ACH payment has been returned or a payment has been disputed (also known as a chargeback). Similar to finding out a paper check has bounced or a cash bill was counterfeit, merchants have some options.
Autobooks does not have a role in pursuing customers of our merchants.  When a return or chargeback occurs, Autobooks will send the merchant an email with details. In the event of an ACH return, the reason for the return is provided in that email (e.g. insufficient funds). For a chargeback, information is included on how it can be overturned (how to dispute the dispute).

For merchant/customer payment conflicts or delays, options are:

  • Work with the customer for the return of goods.
  • Work with the customer for collection of a new payment.
  • Work with the customer on resolving any chargeback disputes.
  • Pursue civil, criminal, or collection activity if desired.
  • Follow any options within the Autobooks e-mail that was sent.

Additionally, some businesses institute policies on who can access goods/services before payment is fully settled into the deposit account. For tips on best practices to remedy these situations, we recommend seeking a small business attorney, consultant, or organization with information on your particular state laws.


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