The payments your business has received through Autobooks can be found in two detailed lists, depending on how you received the payment.

  • For payments received on invoices, navigate to the Invoicing tab from the side menu, then select Payments



  • For payments received on the payment form, navigate to the Payment Form tab from the side menu, then select Payments



Payments are listed chronologically, with the most recent at the top. The following details are provided in the list:

  • Name: The name of the individual or company that submitted the payment. For Payment Form payments, the Company will be displayed here if that field was used on the form. 
  • Payment type: The method of payment that was used (eg Visa, eCheck)
  • Date: The date the payment was submitted.
  • Source: For Payment Form payments, this will display whether the payment came from the mobile app or the webpage. 
  • Amount paid: Amount of the payment. 




The Search criteria dropdown can be used to filter the list by any specific entered criteria, or by Date range. Simply click Search criteria to gain access to these fields. 





The [Export] button can be used to generate a .xlsx spreadsheet containing all payments with the corresponding details. 


Selecting a payment from the list will provide options for canceling or refunding the payment. Please follow this link for our knowledge base article on canceling or refunding a payment!


Payments that have been canceled or refunded will appear grey in the list, as well as having a symbol displayed in the Source column to note whether canceled or refunded. 


mceclip5.png              mceclip6.png


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