How do I cancel a payment or issue a refund?



There are two ways to reverse a payment once submitted through Autobooks. Which one to use will depend on when the payment is submitted. 


On the same day that the payment was submitted, the payment can also be canceled. Canceling a payment will prevent it from processing like normal at the end of the business day, so no charges are applied and no funds are impacted. 

If the payment has already been processed, it can then be refunded. A refunded payment will reissue the funds back to the original payment method used. This process can take between 5-7 business days for the refund to settle back to the customer.

Note: refunded payments are still subject to the transaction fee.


Selecting the payment from the corresponding payment list will then provide the option that is available for that payment. Navigate to either Invoicing or Payment Form from the side menu, then select the Payments tab. Select the payment, and select the option from the menu.



Cancel payment



Refund payment








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