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AutoPay (available via Invoices)

With Autobooks, your customers have the ability to use the AutoPay feature to automatically pay any invoice you send them. No more worrying about getting that bill paid!


When your customers enroll with AutoPay, they will not have to respond manually to a new invoice each time you send one through the system. Instead, your customer will be able to have automatic payments made to the invoices that are due via the payment method of their choice.


In order to enroll, your customer will go through the normal process of paying an invoice, and use the checkbox at the bottom to Save the payment method, and turn on AutoPay





Your customer can also find out more about the feature by clicking on the What's this?  link to the right of the checkbox. It will display more information about the AutoPay feature, as well as provide contact information for our support team in case there are additional questions or concerns.





How can I confirm if my customer is enrolled in AutoPay? 


You will be able to confirm if your customer is enrolled in AutoPay by looking at their customer profile.

Within their customer profile, there will be the following symbol to signify that they are actively enrolled in AutoPay:







Once your customer is enrolled in AutoPay, the next invoice you create will have a note at the bottom alerting you that the invoice will be paid on the due date of the invoice. 



That invoice will now appear on the Invoices list indicating that it is enrolled in AutoPay.




This same email will also have a message alerting the customer that the invoice will automatically be paid on the invoice due date.  



Your customer can turn off AutoPay on the email they receive reminding them about AutoPay. 
All they need to do is select the Turn Off AutoPay option from the email and they will be taken to a page to confirm this choice by selecting the option again to Turn Off AutoPay.




Your customer can turn AutoPay back on with the next invoice that they receive, following the steps at the beginning of this article.  



Can I modify the payment method I saved with AutoPay?

Once your customer receives your invoice via email, they will be able to modify their payment method.
The customer should select View details and pay online to get to the payment page. 



In order to modify or update the payment method on file, your customer can enter the new payment information they would like to use, and check the box that reads You have AutoPay turned on. Check this box if you would like to update your payment method on file


Lastly, invoices with AutoPay enabled will receive a confirmation email that confirms the successful payment with the new payment method. 




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