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When Instant Payment is available on your account, the following appears on your dashboard:


Not seeing the above?

a) This feature is not launched at your Financial Institution yet (coming very soon!)  You will receive an auto e-mail when your Financial Institution and your specific Autobooks account can use Instant Payment.

b) Your specific Autobooks account is not enabled (yet!). As a regulated financial product, there's a series of criteria for eligibility we must follow, including longevity with your Autobooks account. If this feature becomes available, you will receive an auto e-mail notice from us! We look forward to being able to offer this to as many people as possible!


Enable Instant Payment:

Click show me how:



We take pride and responsibility in providing competitive rates, value, and the security and convenience of integration with your trusted Financial Institution. Receivables collected using Instant Payment have a 1% additional processing rate. There are many security, technology, and administrative tools + people (that must be paid for!) to deposit funds so securely, quickly, and without physical presence. We encourage you to try out this cash flow strategy and determine its worth for your business!

After clicking show me how the following screen appears:

*You can also access this page by going to Settings>Instant Payment Mode*



How Instant is Instant?


As soon as your customer submits a credit card or ACH payment through your Autobooks Payment Form or Invoice, funds will process and be available in your checking account within seconds.

In very rare cases, it may take up to 5 minutes for funds to be visible. If it takes longer than 5 minutes to see your funds, e-mail and we'll address this.


To enable Instant Payment, verify your Debit Card attached to your Business Checking Account that is connected to Autobooks as your primary account(Be sure to grab the correct card for smooth, successful signup!)



Turn Instant Payment on or off at your discretion (after initial verification and set up).

From your Dashboard go to Settings> Instant Payment Mode

Turn on Instant Payment Mode


Instant Payment is set up at your account level. Once Instant Payment is on, any payments submitted after it was turned on, will be processed at the Instant Payment rate and funds delivered at Instant Payment speed! This includes expected and unexpected incoming payments and any short duration of time.

You can utilize Instant Payment to meet your individual needs:

a) Keep it active at all times, for ongoing cash flow strategy

b) Turn it on for specific seasons/periods of time that are significant to you

c) Turn it on to receive a specific incoming payment quickly (Reminder: any other submitted payments would be activated for Instant Payment during that time also until it is turned off.) 









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