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Transaction fees are applied when payments are processed, while maintenance fees are applied monthly for use of the service. 

Fees are visible in the Fee Details Report, which can be found by selecting Reports from the menu. 

This report shows the history of all of the maintenance or transaction fees assessed to your account.

Once in the report, an Export button allows you to download the report into Excel and share it with others or further filter data.




When you access the Fee Details report, you will see the following screen:




The report will show:

  • Date of Fee
  • Fee Type
    • Maintenance (monthly) or transaction (payment processing)
  • Name
    • Name of the customer who submitted the payment
  • Source
    • Invoice 
      • Selecting this will take you to the invoice for the related payment
    • Payment Form 
      • This will display the related payment from the Payment Form payments list
  • Reference Number 
    • The reference number for an invoice payment matches the invoice number to which the payment was made
    • The reference number relates to the payment form through which the payment was made
  • Amount
  • Total
    • Total of the fees assessed to the account in the given timeframe.

To change the timeframe for the fees displayed, use the Search criteria button found near the top of the report. 



Click the Search criteria button to drop down the menu.



Choose the beginning and ending date desired. The results will show all of the fees assessed to your account within the selected timeframe. 

The Fee Details Report keeps you in the know regarding every transaction and monthly maintenance fee charged to your account! 




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