How to create a new accounting category


To create a new accounting category in your Chart of Accounts, navigate to Accounting from the side menu, select Advanced, then Categories.

From here, click the button for [New category].


What is an Accounting Category?

Accounting categories (also known as Chart of Accounts) are used in the categorization of the transactions that impact your bookkeeping (i.e. income, expenses, etc.), that then drive the various reports offered through the application. 

 How to add an accounting Category:

  • Click on the [New Category] button from the Categories page (see above for navigation) and enter the following details:
    • Category (name): Name of the accounting Category (e.g. Office Supplies).
    • Category # (number): What is the category number associated with this accounting Category? This number is used to keep like categories organized together. For example, your business' asset categories will all fall between 1000-1999 by default.
      • This is based on standard accounting practices.
    • Group: What Group does this new Category belong to? For example, if your new category is called "Office Supplies", you could set the Group as Expense.
    • Subgroup: This is an additional layer of organization for your Groups.
      • IFor example, if you have assets for machinery, furniture, and fixtures, you could add a Subgroup ID denoting that these are all physical assets.




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