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You can view all of the transactions that are synced up with your banking institution by navigating to the Accounting tab from the side menu. Then under Accounts, select Transactions




Note: This transaction sync happens automatically overnight.


From the list page, you can click on a transaction to bring up an options menu. This menu allows for the following options:

  • Transaction- From this page, you can categorize the transaction to a specific accounting category (or categories).
    • Please see below for additional information.
  • Match- This option will allow you to match the transaction to one or more invoices (e.g. if a customer hands you a check for an invoice, the check deposit can be matched back to the invoice).
    • Please see the Transaction Match article for additional information.
  • Exclude- This option will exclude the transaction from impacting any of the internal bookkeeping. 
    • Please see the Transaction Exclude article for additional information.



Categorizing a transaction


Once you have selected the Transaction option, you will be taken to another screen that will allow you to categorize the transaction to the desired accounting category.


Please note that debits to your account will bring up a list of expense categories. Likewise, credits to your account will bring up a list of income categories.
Note: if a transaction needs to be categorized to offset a previous debit or credit (e.g. a refund credit issued for a prior expense), please contact the Customer Care team for assistance! 


Choose the appropriate accounting category and select Save. 








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