How do I import my data from QuickBooks?


Autobooks makes it easy to import your business' data from QuickBooks, so the switch from one system to the other doesn't have to be a daunting task! You can start this process by taking the following steps within the Autobooks application:

Please note that the import feature only works with Quickbooks Online at this time. Compatibility with Quickbooks Desktop is being reviewed by the team for a future update!

  •  Click on the Accounting tab from the side menu.
    • From here, click the "Quickbooks import" tab.
      • The first step in the import process will be to link your QuickBooks account by clicking the [Authorize Quickbooks access] button, where you will enter your QuickBooks credentials.


  • After this, you will be taken to a new page that outlines the data that you can import into Autobooks.



  • Customers - Your business' customer list from QuickBooks
    • If you've already added in a customer before this import, our system will prevent a duplicate record from being brought in.
      • Please note that this duplicate check is based on the email address of the customer added, and not the name entered.


  • Vendors - Your business' vendor list from QuickBooks
    • Please note that if you've already added in a vendor before this import, our system will prevent a duplicate record from being brought in.
  • Categories - These are your business' accounting Categories (which QuickBooks calls your Chart of Accounts or COA). 
    • When importing your Categories, you can either choose to add in your business' existing COA in addition to the Autobooks default category list, or match your COA to the existing accounting Categories from the default Autobooks list.
      • For example, if you had a specific expense Category that you wanted to track against, you would choose the "Create New" option from the Map section.
        • In this scenario, you will also be required to choose the appropriate Group to map this Category to.
      • If you have an Advertising Expense Category from QuickBooks, and you see the Advertising Expense Category that is part of the default Autobooks list, you can choose that same Accounting Category under the Map section to tell the system that those are the same Category.
        • In this scenario, the Group will default to the existing group that the Autobooks Category is mapped to.

Please note that you can only import the COA from your QuickBooks account once, so if you have any questions about this section please reach out to Autobooks Customer Care prior to saving!



  • Trial Balance - This is the final step of the QuickBooks import process, and requires you to have first added in your COA. So once your Categories have been added, you can move onto adding in your business' Trial Balance. This is a snapshot of the balance of each of those Categories when brought over from QuickBooks.
    • From this page, you will be able to add in the appropriate debit and credit values to then have a beginning balance for your Categories in Autobooks.

Please note that like your COA, the Trial Balance can only be imported once, so as to prevent duplicate accounting entries. If you have any questions about this section, please reach out to Autobooks Customer Care before saving!



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